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Telecrest Global Roaming MiFi

Telecrest Global Roaming MiFi branded OMNI VoDat comes handy for Data-hungry international travelers. If you are going to any of the 130 countries and you need to avoid sky-high roaming data charges ,but remain perpetually connected , OMNI VoDat Hotspot plan should be your first choice . Getting online overseas with a mobile phone is a challenge , roaming fees are generally very high. Logging on to a local Hotspot remains a further challenge ; acquiring a local SIM and configuring if you don’t speak the local language is a problem. This helps you not to ask your host to lend the password to connect to the WiFi or buy rather expensive WiFi vouchers from the hotel. Telecrest OMNI VoDat MiFi fixes these problems by lending you a MiFi with Telecrest Global Roaming Mobile SIM & Services and a data plan of your choice for the length of your trip. The same MiFi modem , is a very small ( smaller than the palm ) ,easy to carry with longer battery life ,can be charged via Laptop or mains power; is operational in all the destinations without changing the password or configuration. It is password protected and caters to atleast 5 end-devices (depending upon the model you chose).